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3-D upcycled books

Recently, I have started re-using old books that are damaged in some way, and have given them new lives as 3-D works of art. Some of them are made from old diaries which have covers to beautiful to throw away, others are old novels that have broken spines, ripped pages, or are otherwise unloved.

I glue pages together to make thicker pages, which I then draw on using ink pens and cut out to create a 3-D image. If I can use a novel as inspiration I do, linking it in some way to the story. Diaries leave me free to use any story I wish.

I have just finished a commision of a Lord of the Rings inspired book where I used a red LED light for Mount Doom and an amber light for the eye of the Dark Lord. I am quite pleased and will upload pics once it has been gifted.

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