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Paintings inspired by nature.

The sea is associated with deep emotions and I have always enjoyed time at the seaside with my family.  Some of my happiest memories of holidays with my children come from the seaside, with Trebarwith in Cornwall holding a special place in my heart. My paintings try to convey these emotions; I want to be able to paint memories so you feel like you are actually there, breathing in the salty air, hearing the waves crash and thunder. Paintings give a window to a place and time as well as emotion. Painting waves makes me feel free.

I have always loved trees. I spent several years of my childhood in British Columbia, Canada, living in a cabin in the forest. Trees in the landscape are essential to me for happiness. There is nothing like walking through an ancient forest, with trees dripping with lichen and moss, to give you the feeling of age and inspire creativity.  Likewise, there is a joy to walking through an English wood in the spring, beneath delicate greens as new leaves appear. My paintings and drawings of trees try to look at aspects of trees such as their bark, leaves and roots as well as the whole tree itself; I think of these a 'portraits' of trees. With my pen and ink drawings, trees develop characters of their own; I never know what creatures and faces will appear so it is always a surprise for me what peers out of the bark. I love that part of the creative process.

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